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Frank Haggerty February 23, 2014 at 08:21 AM
Prior to joining the Patrick Administration and authoring a bill that attempted to engineer theRead Moredeve lopment of wind energy in Massachusetts by brute force, Mr. Kimmell was an eponymous partner of the law firm Bernstein, Cushner & Kimmell (currently known as BCK Law), which serves as the general counsel to both the Cape Light Compact (CLC) and the Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative (CVEC). The Cape Light Compact and the Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative are the largest clients of BCK Law. When Mr. Kimmell joined the Patrick Administration in January 2007, BCK Law was in the process of assisting the Cape Light Compact to form CVEC "to do the things that the Cape Light Compact was legally prohibited from doing" -- principally, to install industrial wind turbines on the Cape & Vineyard.
L Driscoll February 12, 2014 at 11:01 AM
Mr. Shields, Please don't mislead the residents of Milton there is NO Security Department atRead MoreCunning ham Park, there is someone who sits in the bldg. on weekend nights and takes a few laps around the park not exactly what you describe. As a lifelong resident and abutter of Cunningham Park you should have a better understanding of what is really going on here. For many years the Park had security day and night, I can go as far back as the 70's there was Tootie, Don Hunt, Teddy M. and a few others they knew every kid and every resident that stepped foot on the property people felt safe at all times. When Teddy M. died several years ago Cunningham Park went down the tubes. It is clear security is what made the difference in this park. The little white house in the Park was always occupied by a live in caretaker which was great 24hr care, now it is rented for profit, why? On any given day or night you will encounter multiple unleashed dogs many that are brought here by residents and non-residents alike who let their dogs run wild especially in the "lower park" which has never been allowed. Each weekend unveils new vandalism depending on the weather, the warmer months are the worst tipped over bleachers, broken benches, graffiti everywhere, fires left burning through the night, cans, bottles, trash, pool hopping, tire marks from kids driving across the fields and on and on it's a disgrace. Another blight in the park is the summer camp run by the Milton Parks Dept. who took over the building that housed the oldest Lawn Bowling association in the country, yes it's true they were abruptly kicked out. I thought the Cunningham Park Trust was a " not for profit" this camp is a cash cow. The poorly supervised camp leaders allow the campers to leave behind piles of trash, toys, towels, over flowing barrels and always fail to secure the picnic tables which are then tossed or dragged across the field or thrown into the brook by the partying teens that flock to the park every night. The person in charge of Cunningham Park is Dave Wahlgren he needs to step up and address these serious problems. A few simple solutions would resolve many of the problems a day/night security person, Milton Park & Rec moving back to a TOWN PARK, hire motivated park employees who will maintain the whole park not just the ball fields and pool. Enforce the out of control dogs off leash and non-resident rules. Get the police more involved with illegal activity, kids drinking, drug use, vandalism etc. With a little effort Cunningham Park will once again be the Milton Jewel it once was.
john_shields February 22, 2014 at 01:57 PM
Mr. Driscoll, I was not trying to mislead anyone. They did have that security team back in theRead More70's. I was simply saying the park is not town property. You are wrong when you imply it should return to being a town park, it never was owned by the town. I have never lived near Cunningham Park like you say, please know more about what you are talking about before you go to accusations. The fact that they did have security individuals before means they could have more security now than they are showing. You can take that up with the board, which controls the will of Miss Cunningham. Our police department could probably do more patrols, the Chief is very good at responding to these kinds of problems. I would appreciate it if you respond that you keep your comments on the issue, not personal things you do not know too much about, like where I live. (I live next to the biggest park in Milton!)
L Driscoll February 23, 2014 at 10:20 PM
Mr. Sheilds, Please read my post again and you will read that I never implied it was a Town ParkRead Morean d should return to one". You totally missed many points especially the point where I questioned why the Town of Milton Park & Rec run a summer camp at Cunningham Park seeing as though it is a trust and a not for profit park. You will also read where I said " the camp should move back to a Town Park". I believe I addressed the issue as to why the "Disgrace at Cunningham Park" exists, your comment was the first response and your reference to having a security department was not accurate. This is why the speak out boards exist so residents can offer accurate information. Responding to one's comments without actually reading the response is irresponsible. Cheers!
Briny O'Boy January 04, 2014 at 04:13 PM
Normally my Trash is picked up at 11am and my recycling at 3pm. Last week the recycling was at 8amRead Morew ithout prior notice. I called the town and a pickup was sent by at 3pm. Bad dog.
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