Homes Sold in Milton

Here are five things you need to know on Dec. 17.

1. Sold in Milton: Michael Mahoney is back with an update on Milton home sales. Be sure to check out his video posted on Milton Patch.

2. Post your event on Patch! Spread the word about your event with the entire community. It's as easy as clicking on this link. In two minutes, your event will be on out calendar. 

3. Watch out for gift card fraud: The Better Business Bureau is back with more helpful tips this holiday season. Check out their latest blog post about gift card fraud. It's one of several scams the BBB has warned about this season. Speaking of which...

4. The 12 Scams of Christmas: The BBB put together several threats in the guise of the classic holiday tune "The 12 Days of Christmas."

5. Weather: The snow is coming today. As of late Monday night, the National Weather Service was predicting 2-4 inches in the area. But click on this link, since the forecasters update the snowfall total maps in the mornings. After today, expect temperatures to rise, which should help to melt some of the ice and snow.


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