African Choir Brings Message of Children's Plight to Martha's Vineyard

The Watoto Children’s Choir will be in the Boston area this month, including two performances on the Vineyard.

The Watoto Children’s Choir traveling from Africa will kick-off their Eastern U.S tour in Oak Bluffs, MA on Saturday October 6, 2012  at 4 p.m. and will continue their tour through Vineyard Haven, Randolph, Foxboro, Weymouth, Braintree, Burlington and Bolton among other cities in Massachusetts and the New England area. Exact locations and times of the performances entitled Beautiful Africa: A New Generation can be found at the end of this release. All performances are free and open to the public.

The choir will perform this Saturday, October 6 at 4pm in Oak Bluffs at the Union Chapel Hosted by the Vineyard Assembly of God and on Sunday, October 7 at 10:30am at the Vineyard Assembly of God Church.

The Watoto Children’s Choir acts as Watoto ambassadors to raise awareness about the plight of the orphaned and vulnerable children of Africa. Watoto is a holistic child-care solution initiated to serve the dire needs of Africa and her people.

Each of the children in the choir has suffered the loss of one or both parents. They live in Watoto Children’s Villages where they receive the care and nurture they need to grow up as productive citizens of their own country.                             

With vibrant, original African music; dance routines; life-transforming stories, the tours is indicative of the new generation of leaders emerging out of Watoto.

“Through the choir’s Concert of Hope, we share a message of transformation by telling the story of Africa’s rescued orphans and women. We hope to reach out to audiences with the message of Christ’s healing power,” says Gary Skinner Watoto Founder.

With its genuine appeal, accompanied by music and dance- an energetic fusion of contemporary gospel and traditional African rhythm – the globally acclaimed Watoto Children’s Choirs has traveled internationally since 1994 as ambassadors for the millions of children in Africa, orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS, war and poverty.

Since its inception, 56 choirs have traveled globally, providing the children with a bigger worldview, an unusual opportunity they would otherwise never get. The choirs have been to Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, France and the U.S, among others. Their audiences have included royalty, presidents, ministers, and the ordinary person, capturing many hearts wherever they go.

Go to www.watoto.com/choir for the full choir schedule in the U.S.

deborah forest hart October 06, 2012 at 12:56 PM
here's the rest of Peter's comment (since it was too long to post, in toto) Nice work if you can get it. And doing it in the name of helping the poor means you get away with it. I didn’t finish watching the vid. it was all about the filmmaker. Very me me me. Anyway this is aimed at the kids and the hipsters with their black framed specs. they’ll all hand over some $$ which is what the object of the marketing exercise is. Couldn’t believe that lame Project show had a “special” about this. What’s next - Africa’s Unfunniest Videos?
Martha Magee October 06, 2012 at 04:59 PM
I've researched this subject. Here are the facts This is an erroneous accusation. THE WATOTO purchased a piece of land in Uganda that had been put up for sale. The man selling it had done so fraudulently by forging his fathers will ( bequeathing the land to his descendants) and other documents. The father, who was old, died before he could correct it. There is now a legal dispute among the rightful heirs. An unfortunate situation, to say the least. The Watoto got caught in the middle of all this. They are an innocent party. The only "land grabbing " going on is on the part of this greedy son who forged the documents on a land sale that never should have happened. An awkward position for WATOTO through no fault of their own. Please check your facts before slandering a good organization. If the WATATO CHILDREN'S CHOIR have been successful, God Bless them. Film is a powerful medium that can reach millions of people. WATOTO are doing good things to help HIV orphaned children and women in UGANDA. Why be so quick to judge? These little concerts are very moving and keep the songs and dances of African Culture alive. Giving in this way helps everybody, even if by donating something in gratitude for the effort made to put on the concert. WATOTO CHILDREN'S CHOIR is a beautiful thing. Hope lots of you will attend. Peace and Blessings
Martha Magee October 06, 2012 at 05:06 PM
Clarification: The son committed fraud by forging his fathers will bequeathing the land to himself. The fathers will had clearly stated differently, his estate to be divided between designated heirs. The sale was put forward on false premises by the son. Nothing whatsoever to do with purchasers, in this case the WATOTO CHURCH.
deborah forest hart October 06, 2012 at 06:02 PM
I had read that account, Martha. And do want you to know that the last time around, my husband and I did make a contribution to the Watoto Children's Choir. That does not prevent me from wondering just where all the money is going. (I assume there must be a public accounting somewhere, and more skilled sleuths than I might be able to locate this information, and shed some light.) This would not be the first charitable organization which does *some* good for some (i.e., for a worthy cause) but which also diverts large sums to the promoters and polishers. I just wish I knew more.
Martha Magee October 06, 2012 at 06:15 PM
With all due respect, if you had read that account, and understood the facts then I cannot imagine why you would perpetuate a false accusation by again repeating it? As far as keeping charities real, that is a separate issue altogether. We all want to know where our money is going when we make a charitable contribution, and rightly so. Good for you for donating to the WATOTO.


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