First Parish Children's Church Celebrates 75th Anniversary

A special service and concert to recognize the 75th anniversary of the Children's Church at First Parish in Milton on November 4

Dorothy Pomeroy dreamed of a special church for children – a church where everything would be run by children and everything would be designed for children.  In 1937, her dream was realized in the Children’s Church at First Parish in Milton. 

On Sunday, November 4, the Children’s Church will celebrate its 75th anniversary with a children’s worship service and a children’s concert.

Pomeroy, wife of then-minister Vivian Pomeroy, believed that children were bored by conventional Sunday schools.  She encouraged the congregation to buy an old schoolhouse and converted it into a little chapel. Pomeroy then empowered children to begin leading their own services – doing everything from singing in the choir and playing the miniature pipe organ to reading the lessons and delivering short sermons.  

The Children’s Church was an inspiration to church communities across the country and was featured on the cover of Life magazine in 1946.  Today, the Children’s Church is still used by the youngest members of First Parish who gather for unique and lively worship services on the first Sunday of every month.

The anniversary celebration on November 4th will begin with a spirit-filled worship service led by the Rev. Kristin Grassel Schmidt and the children of First Parish.  After church, the celebration will continue with a concert featuring young musicians.  After 75 years, children continue to find wonder and joy in this special church that is just for them.

The service is at 10:30, the concert begins at 12, and all are welcome to attend either event. 

The above release was submitted by Jamez Terry, First Parish.


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