Vineyarders Doing It: Lexie Roth Music Video Launch, 'Stay or Go'

A beautifully directed video showcasing the Martha's Vineyard landscape and the NYC skyline.

There is nothing more encouraging then watching Vineyarders being highlighted and recognized out there in America.

Recently the music video for Lexie Roth's song "Stay or Go" was featured on Nylon Magazine's blog, a major win for the budding star. "Stay or Go" was written and performed by Roth for her album released in 2012. The CD and limited vinyl are available at lexieroth.bandcamp.com/releases.

View the music video here.

Roth made a move to Brooklyn to further persue her music career.  

The daughter of Arlen Roth, a legendary guitarist who performed with Simon and Garfunkel and Bob Dylan, Roth says music was in her blood from birth.

She knew that "Stay or Go" might just be the ticket to launch her dreams of a career in music. 

"This video represents the dichotomy of living between two radically different places: Brooklyn, where I’ve lived since 2010, and Martha’s Vineyard, a rural island that is my home. I identify strongly with both existences and am constantly torn between the two, never fully satisfied by either," said Roth. 

Roth and director Joel W. Henderson did a beautiful job of depicting the buidungsroman or coming of age story in the splicing of Brooklyn panoramas and Vineyard winding roads. 

"The song is really about the frantic restlessness of being in your early twenties and feeling constantly compelled to seek or forge an identity and a life. It’s about the struggle of being just one person wanting to experience, see, taste, meet, be everything and everyone at once," said Roth. 

The angst of growing up and finding a home is universal.  The life of a twenty-something is just plain confusing.  

Cheers to Roth for making that struggle sound so lovely and look so beautiful. 

Michael West November 29, 2012 at 01:45 PM
Wonderful song. At the same time it entices you, it breaks your heart with the truth of life's failings. And the "Will I stay or go" mantra stays with you long after the singer has stopped singing. Can't stop listening to this one. Lexi Roth, yeah, yeah, yeah.


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