This Just in: New Non-Fiction Books at the Milton Public Library

A selection of non-fiction now available at the Milton Public Library.

The following is a list of adult fiction books, which were recently added to the ’s collection. The descriptions are from the Old Colony Library Network’s website.

The mansion of happiness : a history of life and death by Jill Lepore

Renowned Harvard scholar and New Yorker staff writer Jill Lepore has composed a strikingly original, ingeniously conceived, and beautifully crafted history of American ideas about life and death from before the cradle to beyond the grave. How does life begin? What does it mean? What happens when we die? "All anyone can do is ask," Lepore writes. "That's why any history of ideas about life and death has to be, like this book, a history of curiosity." Lepore starts that history with the story of a seventeenth-century Englishman who had the idea that all life begins with an egg and ends it with an American who, in the 1970s, began freezing the dead. In between, life got longer, the stages of life multiplied, and matters of life and death moved from the library to the laboratory, from the humanities to the sciences. Lately, debates about life and death have determined the course of American politics. Each of these debates has a history. Investigating the surprising origins of the stuff of everyday life-from board games to breast pumps-Lepore argues that the age of discovery, Darwin, and the Space Age turned ideas about life on earth topsy-turvy. "New worlds were found," she writes, and "old paradises were lost." As much a meditation on the present as an excavation of the past, The Mansion of Happiness is delightful, learned, and altogether beguiling.

Most wanted: pursuing Whitey Bulger, the murderous mob chief the FBI secretly protected by Thomas J. Foley

The riveting, event-by-event account of former head of Massachusetts State Police Foley's 20-year pursuit of murderous Boston gangster Whitey Bulger--and of Foley's key role in exposing the FBI's terrible corruptive protection of Bulger's criminal empire.

Hotels, hospitals, and jails: a memoir by Anthony Swofford

Following the success of "Jarhead," Swofford assumed he had exorcised his military demons, but in these searing, courageous pages, he struggles to make sense of what his military service meant, and to decide what his life can and should become.


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