Milton Yoga Instructor Makes House Calls

Tara Stapleton of Milton owns a unique yoga business that operates like a concierge service.

Yoga, the spiritual exercise technique originating from Hinduism and Buddhism, is now widely practiced at studios and gyms around the world. But “Yoga with Tara S.” goes one step further, bringing the art of the exercise right to your home.

“The beauty of it is I come to them,” said owner Tara Stapleton. “I make it easy and give them the tools to calm themselves down.”

Stapleton’s yoga business, somewhat like a concierge service, has operated in Milton and the surrounding South Shore area for four years, offering one-on-one and group classes at every skill level.

Stapleton specializes in Kirapalu yoga, which focuses on breathing, alignment and meditation. With easy stretching moves, Stapleton describes Kirapalu as a “non-competitive” practice in comparison to more advanced types of yoga.

“It’s perfect for people who are worried about not being able to do the moves or who might be self-conscious about being overweight,” she explained.

The business is Stapleton’s passion. After 12 years of selling real estate in South Boston and Milton, she began practicing yoga more frequently when the housing market slowed down - and fell in love with it.

“I went from being always on call, always on my phone, to being completely relaxed," she said. "It was a 180.”

But making the career change meant going through intensive training and certification classes. Stapleton is now a certified American Council on Exercise personal trainer and will receive master-instructor standing in Kirapalu this August.

Stapleton uses her skills to cater to all of her clients' needs, whether it be instructing an individual in home morning yoga or visiting a corporation such as Blue Cross Blue Shield to demonstrate stretches that can be done at a desk.

“Yoga incorporates the body’s mind and spirit,” Stapleton said. “It’s beyond just the physical and that’s what I try to communicate to everyone. Yoga really is for everyone.”

Stapleton will be teaching a five-week beginner's yoga series at Carney Hospital in Dorchester starting July 5 for $45. Her at-home instruction rate is $75 an hour. Visit www.yogawithtaras.com for more information.


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