Mahoney’s Open for Business Following Fire

Mahoney’s Garden Center in Falmouth is open for business after a fire destroyed a garage on site Tuesday afternoon.

Firefighters were called to Mahoney's around 3:30 pm Tuesday. The fire started in a garage that was used as a workspace and storage facility. Staff members were able to remove much of the machinery that was stored in the garage. No one was injured in the blaze.

According to Falmouth Fire Chief Mark Sullivan, it took about an hour to get the fire under control. The fire also caused Rt. 28 to go down to one lane for two hours.

The Falmouth Fire Rescue Department is investigating the fire. While officials are not sure yet what caused the blaze, they believe the fire was accidental.

Sullivan said the garage is a total loss. Insurance adjusters were on site today calculating the loss.

The garden center is back in business just a day after the fire.

Office Manager Jan Leone said she is glad no one was injured and thanked the Falmouth Fire Department for its hard work.  

Kathy November 29, 2012 at 12:27 PM
Visited with the Manager yesterday to check on my favorite hangout.....Yes a devastation to a back garage,no loss of life thank goodness and lots of brave heroes containing and securing this fire to the back lot.....The Christmas Shoppe is still as beautiful and dreamlike as ever and gorgeous trees abound and the little sheep and friends are all safe....From the street Mahoney's is just as spectacular as ever and inside a winter wonderland of beauty...no fear, your dreams will come true when you visit.......So go see for yourself !! It truly is an awesome place that gives you that true spirit in which we all could use some days !!! Enjoy !!!!


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