The Milton Flower Shop Prepares for Busy Holiday

A dozen red roses from the Milton Flower Shop is a popular gift for Valentine’s Day.

As one might expect, The Milton Flower Shop, 426 Granite Avenue, is a busy place the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. Today alone, store manager Jazmin Savage said they’ll send out close to 100 orders.

According to Savage, the family-owned flower shop will distribute mostly bouquets of a dozen red roses, a staple for the February 14 holiday.

Flower orders from the Milton Flower Shop are taken directly or through subcontractors. No matter how the order is placed, the process ends the same.

“We’ll pass it to the designer and they’ll make it,” Savage said Wednesday. “Then we’ll give your arraignment to the delivery driver.”

Valentine’s Day is only second to Christmas when it comes to flower orders, with Mother’s Day also being a busy time for the shop.

The Milton Flower Shop has been in business for over 80 years, and in the Savage family for the last 12 years. The family moved to the current location from the center of East Milton Square two years ago.

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only occasion to buy flowers from this local business. They also provide flowers for any occasion or event.

“Our flowers are fresh,” Savage said. “We buy our flowers everyday in the morning.”

To place an order or learn more about The Milton Flower Shop, visit http://www.themiltonflowershop.net/ or call 800-247-7766.


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