Treat Your Valentine to a Box of Girl Scout Cookies

Use the Girl Scout Cookie Locator to find a popular and inexpensive gift for Valentine's Day.

In the coming days, Milton Patch will provide you with plenty of gift ideas, activities and stories surrounding Valentine’s Day. We’ll start the series with a cost effective gift that is already a favorite for male and female Valentines, alike.

Sweets are often a go-to gift this time of year, why not support local Girl Scouts and give your loved ones a $4 box of Girl Scout Cookies.

Thanks to the Cookie Locator on www.hergirlscouts.org you can find the closest place to pick up a box, or several, of the eight popular varieties of cookies.

While a box of cookies certainly say “Be Mine” on its own, a little decoration can go a long way. Spice up your Girl Scout Cookie box like the ones above and have a Happy Valentine’s Day.


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