MassDOT to Close Wood Street Overpass for Maintenance

The bridge over I-93 will be closed for the next three or four months, causing a detour in Milton.

A traffic pattern change in East Milton over I-93 will be in effect for three to four months beginning this afternoon while MassDOT completes maintenance on the Wood Street overpass.

While the construction is being done, Granite Avenue will be closed at Squantum Street, according to Milton Police Lt. Kevin Foley. The detour will force commuters coming toward East Milton Square to turn left or right on Squantum Street.

Foley said a detail officer will be at the intersection and increased patrols will be in the neighborhoods as traffic volumes will likely spike.

The work will begin on Monday, September 10, but the detour will go into effect at 4 p.m. on Friday, September 7, to alert motorists of the change.

The actual maintenance on the bridge will be done overnight, according to Foley. This is due to the lane closures on the expressway.

Mary D September 07, 2012 at 12:02 PM
I'm confused- if the traffic coming from Boston turns right on Squantum, aren't they going over the expressway? Is this change to keep the coming from Boston traffic from going over the next bridge- the one that is currently being worked on? If that is the case, how is the traffic coming from the square heading north and taking a left to go to Adams St being affected? Thanks!
K. Kelly September 07, 2012 at 12:20 PM
What about people who are not coming from Boston? How about those coming from the neighborhoods in Milton on the other side of the highway? Are we all expected to drive to Squantum St or are they planning on opening up the section of Adams that has been closed for months?
John Bourke September 07, 2012 at 12:25 PM
Mary - I was wondering whether the Adams-to-Granite-to-Adams portion would be impacted, too. It ~sounds~ like just the portion of the bridge by Milton Gas @ the corner of Wood Street & Granite would be impacted, and that the traffic heading from E. Milton Sq (Adams to Granite) could still cross; that also implies that the portion of Granite from E. Milton Sq. traveling ~to~ Squantum would still be open. I'd love some clarification - esp. since 3-4 months will take us right through the start of Dec. and into the holiday season. Still, traffic is going to get (more?) interesting, I think.
BigBlue September 07, 2012 at 01:50 PM
Who ever is in charge of Miltons traffic flow seriously needs to reconsider what they are doing. It is 100% horrible. They have re-routed East Milton Sq and arent using one of the streets that goes into the Square. Now what is going to be done with that?? Im sure it wont be considered for public parking since thats a major problem for the businesses in the Square. All of a sudden there is a change to Governors Road where now at Edge Hill, you cant turn left to head towards the schools. Im sure it has to do with traffic flow for people who cut through there to avoid the Square because its horrible at 5pm but can i just say, "HEY you bought a house on a cut through street! Tough Luck! Worried about cars driving too fast? Tell the PD to set up a speed trap otherwise move!" All of these streets are turning into one ways or you cant turn during these hours (the busiest hours of the day) and its making the commute home ridiculous. What exactly is the plan for after all of this construction and road changes? Milton is a beautiful place to live but awful for driving unless your a "Sunday driver" and dont need to be anywhere!!
Adam Roberts (Editor) September 07, 2012 at 03:51 PM
Thanks for the comments, everyone. The only impact will be on drivers coming from Boston. The Wood Street overpass is one-way coming south. That means, drivers going toward Boston will not be impacted at all. I hope that clears it up. I can ask for clarification from Lt. Foley if we need more information.
Joanne Gallagher November 09, 2012 at 11:52 AM
I realize I'm coming to this discussion late but it's been 2 months and the nightmare described in the comments above continue. I live near the intersection of this shutdown and can tell you that everything is impacted at almost all hours of the day. There is rare a police detail at granite and squantum. Attempting to turn left onto squantum is life threatening at best, if not impossible. Can't they put in a left arrow at that point like what is there for turning left from squantum to granite. If they are doing the work at night, why can't the bridge be opened during high traffic times and store the massive equipment somewhere else. And as for that. I've come by at all hours -- including late night and can't recall any sign of action happening on the bridge. The equipment just sits there or so I seems. Please restore some sanity to the experience of doing simple errands in the neighborhood.


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