Milton Animal Control Officer Commends DPW

Milton Animal Control Officer Nancy Bersani thanks the Milton DPW for its work during the recent snowstorms.

February was been the snowiest month of the winter with back-to-back weekends of significant snow fall, including 28 inches of snow on February 8 and 9.

Though the storms made road travel incredibly difficult, the DPW worked to clear the roads for residents and helped town personnel like Animal Control Officer Nancy Bersani complete their duties.

Bersani shared the following thank you message to the Milton Department of Public Works.

I would like to thank the Milton DPW for their hard work during the past two snow storms. Although the safety of all the residents was their top priority, they also made sure that I was able to reach the Animal Shelter to care for the animals throughout the snowstorms. Without their help, I never would have been able to access them. After the last storm, our dumpster was inaccessible and couldn't be emptied. Within 10 minutes of my leaving a message, a truck was here to clear it out. Kudos to the DPW Director and all of the employees. You are much appreciated!


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