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Milton Plows Hit the Streets During Blizzard

Over 80 trucks have been clearing Milton streets since Friday afternoon.

As the snow has accumulated from Winter Storm Nemo it’s likely you’ve seen a few plows. According to Milton Department of Public Works Director Joe Lynch, 84 trucks are deployed during the storm.

Three plows are assigned to each of the 24 plow routes through Milton for a total of 72 trucks. Lynch said there is an additional 12 plows that are clearing parking lots.

The DPW also made arrangements for additional drivers and backup equipment to clear roads during the lengthy storm.

While Lynch has plans in place to keep drivers fed and rested, plows have been on the road through the entire storm.

“We will never shut the operation down,” Lynch said Thursday before the flurries flew.

Edmund Evans February 10, 2013 at 11:40 PM
We have 84 trucks operating with no apparent supervision or strategy. No manegement staff in the Department of Public Works is available to respond to questions or complaints. I live near a busy three lane intersection with a traffic signal and they keep plowing the roadway gradually wider keep covering my driveway over and over. So far I have shoveled out at least five times. The latest was 5:00 PM on Sunday. I have this problem every time we have a large snow storm. I understand that they have to plow but at some point I have to be able to clear my driveway so I can get on the road and go to work like everyone else. DPW should have management on staff to be responsive during emergencies.


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