Residents Start Online Petition to Stop New Flight Path Over Milton

There are over 500 signatures on a change.org petition opposing the Runway 33L flight plan.

A group of Milton residents opposing the Logan Airport flight path from Runway 33L over Milton, recently presented over 500 signatures on a change.org petition to the Board of Selectmen.

The route, which was proposed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), would be for departing aircrafts from Runway 33 and affect portions of Milton, Canton and Randolph.

The FAA comment period for the proposal closes on March 15. If accepted, there would now be three flight paths over the Town of Milton.

To sign the petition and read comments from Milton residents, go change.org. An email address is needed to sign the petition.

Residents looking to weigh in on the plan can also submit comments via email to Terry.English@faa.gov or by sending a letter to:

Ms. Terry English
Project Manager, Boston Logan International
Airport Runway 33L RNAV SID Environmental Assessment
Federal Aviation Administration
11 Murphy Dr.
Nashua, NH 03062

miltres March 06, 2013 at 12:17 PM
Unless I am missing something, this flight path is better than what is in place now. It concentrates the traffic in one part of Milton (at the edge of town where it meets Canton and Dedham) instead of all over town and away from other areas like East Milton that are still going to have considerable noise from planes landing on runways 4L and 4R. The technology allows for planes to stay on a stricter course than they do now. If anything, Milton will benefit from this change. The main cause for noise pollution from the planes landing at 4R and 4L does not change at all. The planes taking off from 33L will be at a higher altitude and should not increase noise anymore since planes already fly over this area. I am open to hear what others say but after reading through most of the report published for this and other changes, I fail to see how this impacts residents in Milton, especially on the side of town where most of the population is.
Cindy L. Christiansen March 06, 2013 at 02:46 PM
One cannot equal the metric used by the FAA to quantify the noise burden (DNL) with the day-to-day disturbances residents suffer from these flight paths. DNL as a measure of noise is misleading - it is an average of an average of an average. Also, there is evidence from information provided in the report, by the FAA, by Massport, and by the data that that the FAA gave me that the analysis is flawed and some of the data are faulty. My first impression after reading the report was that there would be no change in the noise burden for Milton. However, after more research and my own analysis of the data, I'm very concerned that this report tells us nothing about the current and the future noise burden under the new plan. I'm happy to provide more details about my concerns with the analysis and data if you contact me at cLcmilton@gmail.com.


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