Share Your Reaction: The Wood Street Overpass Opens Ahead of Schedule

The Wood Street overpass was closed for a month and a half, how do you feel about traffic in East Milton Square now that it reopened?

Construction on the Wood Street overpass in East Milton has wrapped up earlier than expected. While the work, which began on September 7, was initially scheduled as a three-to-four-month project, it was completed in about a month and a half.

The overnight construction on the one-way bridge detoured traffic coming from Boston toward East Milton Square to turn left or right on Squantum Street.

MassDOT announced last week that the bridge would reopen on Tuesday, November 27, but the project again moved ahead of schedule, opening on Friday, November 23.

The detour added to traffic changes in the square with the test run of the new configuration that are planned to become perfect.

Has the reopening of Wood Street improved your travels through East Milton? How do you feel about the East Milton Square commute in general?

Carol Christie Rosner November 28, 2012 at 07:00 PM
Not sure how you determined that it took one and half months to complete if it started on September 7 and finished on November 23....More like 2 1/2 months to me. And any news on when they will start the other bridge? That will cause problems for any of us who go to East Milton daily.
Amy Ronkin November 28, 2012 at 09:00 PM
Yea, I have a comment, the Wood Street Overpass is STILL a traffic nightmare. The "YIELD" sign in that "configuration" is in the wrong place. Wood Street Overpass merges with the "crossover traffic" coming from Granite Ave, in essence becoming a half rotary. As with all rotaries in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts the ENTERING traffic should yield to the traffic already in the turn. Even if this is just like a half rotary, the traffic approaching from the Wood Street overpass should yield to the traffic coming in from Granite Avenue. If you are "crossing over from Granite Ave, have you ever tried to look over your right shoulder through the fencing to see if a car is approaching from your right? It basically impossible to see if cars are oncoming until you are out into the "merge". It makes so much more sense for the traffic coming in from the Wood Street overpass to merge as those drivers have full view of what is "approaching" the merge. Seriously, someone needs to rethink this configuration and traffic signs.
miltres November 29, 2012 at 11:58 AM
I noticed the Yield sign was missing too. That needs to go back up ASAP. Although, no one ever really yielded anyway so what is the point. You could argue either way which entering roadway should be the entering traffic. Maybe the information is in the traffic study as to which road has the most traffic. The biggest problem with that is where it meets up with Adams St. There is no Yield sign but everyone stops! There is no need to stop, you have your own lane to then merge with traffic. Also, the island at that intersection looks nice with the plantings and all but it is horrible for visibility, especially in the warmer months, you can't see through it to see if a car is coming.
Joanne Gallagher November 30, 2012 at 02:03 AM
All the comments above are so true. This whole area is a traffic nightmare. I grew up on Wood Street back in the day when kids walked to school. The tragic death of one of my second grade classmates is seared into my memory. He was killed by a big truck as he was crossing near the post office. So this area has been an unmittagated nightmare ever since the expressway cut a canyon through East Milton Square. I'm so happy the Wood St. Bridge is opened as well as the stretch from Squantum St. What I don't understand is the left turn from Granite onto Squantum that leads toward North Quincy. That's a other death trap. I live at that intersection and can watch how difficult it is from my window. The drivers coming from east Milton square have no mercy for those trying to take that turn. Who can blame them after they've fought their way through the chaos of the Square. Why not cover over the whole expressway. And Create a greenway and roads that don't split the town in two.


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