Civil War Circle to Meet at Forbes House Tonight

The Forbes House Museum will host the Civil War Circle discussion group tonight at 7.

The ’s Civil War Circle will hold its monthly meeting tonight, May 22, at 7 p.m. The roundtable discussion will be held at the museum.

Each month the CWC addresses a different Civil War topic. This month, the group will discuss Blockade Running During the Civil War.

This event is a member benefit at the FHM. Admission for non-members is $5 per person. New attendees are welcome to join the discussion.

To learn more, contact CWC Moderator Harry Robinson at hrob394@comcast.net or call the Forbes House Museum at 617-6961815.

Below is an overview of the topic from Forbes House Museum Executive Director Robin Tagliaferri.

Southern ports were blockaded by the Northern Navy all during the War based loosely on the "Anaconda Plan.”  The discussion will examine the nature of how the South tried to defeat the blockade, and how the north implemented the blockade and operated the business of blockade running for both the south and the north.

The Northern Blockade of Southern ports was a very successful strategy to limit the inflow of goods to support the Southern war efforts. The blockade also encouraged a thriving smuggling business that sometimes led to corruption by both sides in pursuit of profits.


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