Happy Spring, Milton

An early Equinox follows the easy winter. Today, March 20, is the first day of Spring. Oh, and you can apparently stand an egg on its end today.

Apparently, the  was wrong. Today is the first day of Spring, but Nature has been telling us it's coming for weeks now. With temperatures in the 60s and 70s over the past few weeks, buds on the trees, and daffodils already beginning to bloom in the sun, Spring has already sprung.

Also, according to folklore, today you can balance an egg on its end. Check out the video by the Bad Astronomer and try it with the kids, if you can get them to sit still for five minutes in this gorgeous weather.

Snopes.com says you can balance an egg on end at any time of year, but with Easter coming in a few weeks, eggs might take on more meaning than just omelets.


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