Milton Past and Present: Hendries Ice Cream

In the past 350 years, the Town of Milton has changed quite a bit. Today, we look at the Hendries building at 131 Eliot Street.

For younger Milton residents, the corner of Eliot Street and Central Avenue is the home to a vacant building, but for longtime Miltonians, the boarded up building was once Hendries Ice Cream.

A plan from developer Steve Connelly to demolish the Hendries building and build a multi-use residential and commercial property at 131 Eliot Street is currently before the Milton Planning Board.

Through historical photos from the Milton Historical Society we can see what the property looked like when Hendries was open.

The first photo shows Hendries in 1955.

The second photo is a recent area showing the building as it looks today.

Deanie April 12, 2012 at 12:03 PM
Does anyone have any pics of the old BREWSTERS convience store which now is Tedeski's
Patricia Sullivan Schneider December 03, 2012 at 01:46 AM
I recall that we made an arrangement to have our wedding rehearsal dinner at Hendries! We made a reservation or whatever. When we arrived at the restaurant we were told it was closed and we moved on to Howard Johnson's on Morrissey blvd the original roadside ice cream shop. The original store I believe was on the corner of Beale and Newport ave in Quincy. Our wedding was at St Elizabeth's Chapel February 7 ,1960. Am I recalling the closing of Hendries around February 7 th , 1960?Everyone Connected with our wedding party is deceased except the bride and groom. Patricia Sullivan Schneider and Ronald Schneider Sr. sullypat49@verizon.net Everyone Connected with our wedding party is deceased!
Patricia Sullivan Schneider December 03, 2012 at 07:57 PM
Let me be clear. We are trying to find out when Hendries restaurant closed for good. Was it early 1960? The food was good by the way . Folks usually went back to the bride's house(we didn't move out until we married) for a "lunch". My mother was ill With pneumonia that night so we decided to go out with our wedding party. I think Most people had more elaborate rehearsal dinners than we. Pat Schneider


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