Milton Past and Present: Suffolk Resolves House

In the past 350 years, the Town of Milton has changed quite a bit. Today, we look at the past and present of the Suffolk Resolves House.

The is now known as the home of the Milton Historical Society, which is located 1370 Canton Avenue. The property, which is listed on the National Register of Historical Places, has a place in American history and has be located in two different places.

The home was originally located at what is now 40 Adams Street. The Suffolk Resolves, a predecessor to the Declaration of Independence, were signed on September 4, 1774 in the home.

Through current and historical photos from the Milton Historical Society, we can trace the look of the Suffolk Resolves House from 1934 to today.

The first photo shows the Suffolk Resolves House on Adams Street in 1934. The large trees and old vehicle show a much different scene from today.

The second photo shows one of the pieces of the Suffolk Resolves House on the move to the Ayer Estate on Canton Avenue. The home was going to be torn down, but was moved across town to preserve it.

The third photo shows the Suffolk Resolves House, at 1370 Canton Avenue, as it looks in 2012. The home currently serves as the headquarters for the Milton Historical Society.

The final photo shows the original location of the Suffolk Resolves House. now occupies the location. 


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