Editor's Departure Note: Thank you, Sammamish

After helping launch Sammamish Patch late last year and running it in 2011, I've accepted a new marketing communications job with a medical clinic in Seattle.

Transitions occur all the time in life. On Friday, I will make one of my own. I’m leaving my position as local editor of Sammamish Patch for a new job as marketing communications specialist with Seattle-based International Community Health Services.

I’d like to thank the residents who have read the news and information site since it launched in December 2010. I am grateful for their feedback and suggestions. I also appreciate Patch.com and Mike Lewis, Seattle regional editor, for giving me the opportunity to run the site – especially at a time when media outlets are shifting from print to pixel. A thank you, too, to the talented freelance writers, bloggers and directory researchers who pitched in to produce fantastic coverage of the city – all with the goal of increasing the news and information flow to residents on the Plateau. Their writing, insights and humor impressed me.

The City Council, city staff, other government and school officials and residents always took time out of their busy days to answer my questions – much appreciated. The other Patch.com editors in the Seattle area were immensely helpful with feedback, assistance and support.

I am leaving because I believe it is important to help people have access to medical care, just as I hold the firm conviction that communities benefit by having a robust stream of news and information. In both cases, the more you have, the better off you’ll be. Or so the theory goes.

International Community Health Services is based in Seattle’s International District and serves Asian Pacific Americans and anyone who needs medical care. I also have a family. It is important for me to devote time out of my day for moments that will make for rich memories.

I actually arrived to cover Sammamish for a particular reason: Last year, weather forecasters talked about the cold and bluster of La Nina. As a journalist, I’m always looking for experiences out of the ordinary. So, I thought: Snow. And then I thought: Sammamish might get snow – and lots of it, if it’s a La Nina season. The city . I was wrong about the total amount.

Along the way, though, I learned about a city that once was part of King County and still has to its , even though it is going through a transition. It has newer residents, housing subdivisions and all the . I learned that academics, the , ,  (including ), , , , volunteerism, , nonprofit groups, , , , , , , small business, the  and the outdoors all make up what Sammamish is today.

Yes, I just wrote a long sentence.

While the city only has  and some might view the place as small, Sammamish and its residents actually have a  in . There were surprises in police news, regarding and a . What else? Well, there are brainy and – many who have accomplished much in life. I was reminded that . It’s impressive. Even Patch.com contributing writer Robert Baldino learned about the . Yes, the city has  - but constructive debate and discussion about issues of the day are a good thing, so long as conversations are free of vile slander.

The substitute editors that will take the helm of Sammamish Patch are good, smart, hardworking people. You’ll hear more about them before the week is out. So, please continue to read the site, send feedback, post announcements and events – and just help out when you have a moment. As I’ve said all along, please continue to support the great work of journalists at The Sammamish Review and Sammamish Reporter. It’s actually good to have multiple media outlets cover a city. They help keep things interesting. If no media outlet covered a city, well, life might be more boring. Or so the theory goes.

As for me: I actually benefitted by covering a place where I was not an expert on everything. How so? I can walk away with new knowledge about that place on the Plateau – and the people who live there – and lessons learned.

Thank you, Sammamish.


-- Brad Wong   

Barbara de Michele October 07, 2011 at 05:50 AM
Brad, I was really impressed with your work at the Patch. Best wishes in your new position. I'm sure you will be a great asset to your new employer.
Brad Wong October 07, 2011 at 02:28 PM
Thanks for the nice notes, everyone. Cheers, Brad
Bob McCoy October 07, 2011 at 03:20 PM
First off, I didn't get the Patch Change of Position Permission Request Form from you, Brad. Secondly, since forgiveness is easier to get than permission, (well, maybe not in this case).... I have really enjoyed reading your posts, and trust that you will be successful in your new endeavor. I also trust that you have left SP in the hands of capable reporters. Best wishes to you and to your family.
Brad Wong October 07, 2011 at 03:27 PM
Hi Bob, I appreciate the note and much thanks for reading the site and commenting. Thank you, too, for letting me know about the change of position permission request form. I was unaware that you needed it. I'll email you a contact who should be able to help. Best regards, Brad
Kathie Beutel October 07, 2011 at 04:06 PM
Brad - Congratulations on your new career path and I wish you the best of luck! As a long time resident of the Plateau I have seen many changes. As an early adopter of the Patch I enjoy starting my day with a cup of Tully's coffee, reading and printing the news, events, and opportunities for my Community board every morning for all to see. I only wish we had more time to work together. I share your passion for accessible and affordable healthcare for all. The difference you will make in this industry will be HUGE...I'm sure! Thank you for making a difference in our community~


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