Is iPhone 5 One of the Worst?

Consumer Reports thinks so, apparently. Do you agree that Apple is slipping behind its rivals in the smartphone market?

A recent issue of Consumer Reports that ranked the top smartphones in the U.S. placed the iPhone 5 behind its rivals among many carriers; the trendy phone didn't even crack the top three for Verizon.

Business Insider picked up on the magazine's story and speculated that while the iPhone has been a "mind-boggling" success for the past five years, other smartphone makers are starting to catch up, pointing to the success of the Samsung Galaxy S3 among others.

The worry is that Apple will soon be eclipsed as the already hyper-competitive and ridiculously lucrative smartphone market continues to heat up. Of course, slipping from complete dominance to near-dominance isn't entirely bad, plus rumors are already swirling that the software giant is prepping to have the iPhone 6 shipped by summer.

How do you think the iPhone 5 stacks up to its competitors? What does Apple need to do to make restore the iPhone to unquestioned preeminance among smartphones? Tell us in the comments section below!

Michael West January 10, 2013 at 05:21 PM
Two things about the 5 that may cause buyer resistance: 1) size 2) connectors. As to connectors, there is no going back, but how big a screen should Apple deliver? Apple has unquestioned preeminence among smartphones in terms of quality off experience. Android has much greater market share (around 60% compared with 25% Apple), but lower overall customer satisfaction. Why? Android is cheaper, but has only a small fraction of the Apps available to Apple iPhone users. Moreover there is fragmentation across Android releases that does not permit Apps to be used on any Android as you can with Apple. Apple and the Android vendors are playing different games. Apple will always lead the market with innovation and quality at a higher price. Android? Well, it's good enough for many people. Not for me.


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