Majority Rules

And there are 50 percent of the voting public who want stuff. They want things and who is going to give them things? President Obama. He knows it and he ran on it. ~ Bill O’Reilly

I voted for Barack Obama. Twice. 

For the record, I am not asking for, nor do I expect, a handout. I have worked since I was 17 sometimes two and three jobs at a time. Right now, I have two. NOTHING I have has been handed to me for free and quite frankly I’m getting a little tired of having to defend myself and my choices against people who see this country as “us versus them.”

It’s not.

It’s about we. You know “We the People…” They're not just words. They refer to actual real people. They refer to US. All of us. Young and old; rich and poor; educated and not. There is no means test to be an American. There is no minimum effort required. If you are lucky enough to be born here, you are an American. Others find their way here to join us. Because of what we stand for. What we are. What we represent. Freedom and fairness.

More than half this country voted to re-elect the skinny black guy with the funny name. Somehow though we are either too stupid and/or ill-informed to know what a disaster we are unleashing on the nation. Or, we are doing it for personal gain. We, the majority, are attacked for being stupid and lazy and irresponsible by those who refuse to look at their world-view as being out of synch with the MAJORITY of their fellow citizens. By casting blame outward, they are engaging in a form of intellectual cowardice that allows them to shift the burden from themselves and place it on “others.” Or, they’re whiny brats. Either way, they lose. Now they’re talking about seceding because evidently if you lose, you take your ball and quit the country.


Those who voted for the president’s re-election, all 62,154,025, had their own reasons. I’m sure that some voted against Romney but I’m more sure that the majority of them voted FOR the president. Pretty confident that most people won’t stand in line for seven hours to hate-vote. Unless the person they're voting against either slept with a mate or killed a pet.

The morning after the election, there was so much stupid on my Facebook page that I felt compelled to post this:

“Look, I'm sorry your "side" lost but the President was reelected by a majority. I'm insulted that my patriotism and intelligence is being called into question because of my choice. I will put my knowledge and integrity up against any single person in this country. To patronize me AND the majority of this country b/c your guy didn't win says more about the content of YOUR character than our intelligence and patriotism. Grow up.”

One party does not have a lock on patriotism. One party does not own the American flag. One party does not decide which voters are more worthy of the vote. African-Americans, Latinos, Christians, and women are not special interests. Our votes are not less important than the votes of the white male establishment. It’s time that our government reflects the reality of America. We are a diverse and vibrant country. Our diversity is one of our greatest assets and I’m glad that we are, finally, embracing it. In the upcoming Congress the House Democratic Caucus will seat the most diverse and inclusive delegation in the history of the United States. That’s something to celebrate.

Electing a black president is not a one-time event. They’ll be more. In fact, I look forward to the day we have Jewish presidents and Muslim presidents and Latino presidents and women presidents and LGBT presidents.

I hate to break it to you but it could be a 100 years before a white guy gets to be POTUS again.

If that scares you, maybe it’s time for some self-reflection and not finger-pointing.

Barbara Mulvey-Welsh is a mother, writer and blogger raising kids and a husband in Plymouth. Check out her blog at "Did I Say That Out Loud?"  Use caution when reading around the family, there is some strong language.

Barbara Mulvey-Welsh November 14, 2012 at 02:42 PM
Thank you Karen.
Barbara Mulvey-Welsh November 14, 2012 at 02:53 PM
Mr. Nichols, Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate your point of view even as I disagree with it. Not all regulation is bad or smothering (the NECC case is proof that regulation that is properly enforced is necessary). The majority of American's work hard and don't expect anything to be handed to them. A majority of American's also believe in a strong safety net and are willing to work to pay for it even if they themselves never receive anything from it. It's not communism, it's compassion. BMW
J Mac November 15, 2012 at 12:36 AM
Thank you for writing this article,i don't agree with most of it,but none the less i am always interested in other viewpoints. We are actually very similar,i too live in Plymouth and also raising a family here. I have worked since age fourteen and my wife has worked since age sixteen,and we both still work full time.No one has ever given us anything,we have earned everything we have. We are not angry that there are people that need help/assistance from the Government. What most people can't understand is why we are making so many dependent on these programs. I understand why you voted for Obama,and i respect your opinion. What i think you are missing is that about 40 million of those who voted for Obama did not have "fairness or compassion" in mind when they went into the booth. America is changing in many ways,not many are good. I have worked with the Public for over 25 years and i can tell you for sure that most Americans do not work nearly as hard as they used to. I can also tell you that they do now expect something for nothing. I have also noticed that people are more rude,quicker to complain,and certainly less intelligent. It is this group of voters that will stand in line all day to vote,because they do not want their benefits taken away,nor do they really want to go to work. As for diversity being a strength,well it used to be,not anymore. Diversity actually causes more division,than union. Too much of anything is bad. p.s Romney almost won Ply. and Brown crushed Liz.
Barbara Mulvey-Welsh November 15, 2012 at 01:30 AM
J Mac, thank you for taking the time to read and comment. It's nice when we can share what brings us together rather than what divides us. I have a quick question. Can you provide me with a source regarding your 40 million comment? I really have a hard time getting my mind around the fact that we have 40 million people in this country looking for a hand out. Thank you. BMW
J Mac November 16, 2012 at 01:12 AM
Barbara, I do not have a fact to back this up. My opinion is based on my observances that most people do not even know where Iran is, or can't understand that "free stuff" gets paid for by You and Me. I am not by any stretch saying that many vote based on the candidates stand on the issues,just not the majority. I also believe that that is the case with many who voted for Romney.I think that most people in this election voted for what they perceived as good for them,in a selfish way. My point is that a majority in this Country can now be determined by less educated,whats in it for me voters. This is sad. By the way i am not saying you are wrong in your choice. I am saying most voters do not actually consider the direction of this Country and where our decisions may bring us. I am however happy that we can disagree about politics and still get along as humans. My hope is that people who vote take the time to look into what really matters to them and in the big picture the greater good of our country and the world. I do not feel that this is what happens now in America. The economy still stinks, the stock market has gone down,Isreal is about to draw us into war. These are real concerns for me. In closing, i am glad you are a person who thinks it all out and makes your choice, that's what makes democracy great. I wish Congress and the Senate could see that we are all still Americans and find a common compromise. Thanks again for being a good neighbor.


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