Breaking and Entering Suspects Caught in Act, Arrested After Car Chase

A Randolph man and a Dorchester man were arrested on multiple charges on Monday afternoon.

Two men with lengthy criminal histories were arrested Monday thanks to a combination of vigilant residents and persistent police work. The suspects led police on a car chase across Milton after being caught in the act of breaking into a Hilltop Street residence.

Marcos Beato, 47, of Randolph, and Hector L. Sanchez, 43, of Dorchester, are being charged with breaking and entering daytime, larceny and malicious destruction of property. Beato, who was driving the vehicle is also facing charges of failure to stop and other moving violations along with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

The breaking and entering incident seems to be isolated for these two suspects in Milton, according to a statement from Police Chief Richard Wells Jr., but Beato and Sanchez have over 100 crimes on their records.

Around 1:30 p.m. Monday, January 27, a Hilltop Street resident returned home to find an unknown vehicle in her driveway. The homeowner called 911, while a neighbor witnessed the two men leave the home and flee in the car.

According Wells, Milton Officer Matt Mercer responded immediately, intercepting the suspect’s vehicle at Harborview Road. Beato allegedly tried to ram the police cruiser as he made his way across Randolph Avenue onto Chickatawbut Road.

Milton Police, State Police and Canton Police established a perimeter.

As the chase continued on Route 138 toward Brook Road, the suspect vehicle crashed and Beato and Sanchez fled on foot toward Brush Hill Road and the Neponset River.

According to Wells, “One suspect scaled a seven-foot barbed wire fence trying to get to the river and cross into Boston. Officer Jason Conklin in close foot pursuit, vaulted the fence and tackled this suspect taking him into custody. The second suspect was apprehended by Detective Mike Dillon and Officers Mark Cimildoro and Matt Mercer before he could vault the fence.“

Wells applauded the department and residences for their roles in these arrests.

“This case was an excellent team effort on behalf of all of the officers and Detectives working [Monday],” read the statement. “It also shows how important it is for residents to be attentive and always call 911 at the first sign of something suspicious in your neighborhood.”

miltres January 30, 2013 at 07:25 PM
Thank you and good job! As a victim of a home break in last year in Milton, this is great news. In too many cases it seems it is hard to track down the criminals as it was in my case, but this is great. Let's hope they can actually keep them locked up for some time.
Jeannie Serrano February 04, 2013 at 09:42 PM
Sometimes its not about locking them up, its about educating them , getting them the help that they need to return to our commmunites. Our legal system sucks, they think that by having someone serve time in jail is enough, there is a hole lot that correctional center should be doing to help inmates get re-esstablished in our communites. Beofre inmates get out , its should be certain that they have steady jobs and ensure that they are mental, emotionlaly ready..Our society has also failed these inmates the opportunities for employment leaving them dry on the street and unable to financially support themselves.


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