Milton High Students ‘Stay in Place’ After Unknown Casing Found in Classroom

An item that was initially believed to be a bullet casing, forced officials to keep Milton High School students in the same classrooms for over three hours Tuesday.

Milton High School went into a “stay in place” protocol from around 11:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Tuesday, February 5. Students stayed in their classrooms and teaching continued after a student found what was believed to be a .22 caliber shell casing.

Deputy Chief Charles Paris said the casing, which was turned over to the school administration Tuesday morning by a student, may have been from a ramset gun, which is a powder actuated tool, similar to a nail gun, used to fasten items to concrete or steel

When the construction company doing work in the area of the school where the casing was found, reported they have not been using that tool, a “stay in place” was called. Paris said, “stay in place” differs from a lockdown in that students stay in their seats and teaching continues as where a "lockdown" means students move into one area of the room and teaching stops.

Gun sniffing dogs were brought into the school while students remained in classrooms. Nothing was found, Paris said.

“It could have been from a .22 or a construction worker could have carried it in,” said Paris of the casing.

The Deputy Chief said the investigation is complete. 


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