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Neighbors Say Weymouth Fugitive Appeared Friendly But Suspicious

Unnamed neighbors said 20-year-old Brandon Runge, who lived at the residence, appeared friendly and was never rude to his neighbors.

It is a small and secluded South Weymouth neighborhood surrounded by woods.  This is an unpaved road where only six houses stand, and the only sounds that can be heard come from the neighbor’s horse chewing on grass or the woodpecker hammering away at a tree. 

But the house at the very end of Oakdale Street has provided neighbors with some suspicion.  They have witnessed house parties and  vehicles full of young adults traveling to and from the home.

Unnamed neighbors said 20-year-old Brandon Runge, who lived at the residence, appeared friendly and was never rude to his neighbors.  One mother said he appeared normal and would often walk his dog and always wave to her.

Runge is now a fugitive of the law after he escaped his home last Friday through a window and fled into nearby woods before police could execute a search warrant of his Oakdale Street property.

Police found guns, bags of cocaine and marijuana, prescription pills and baths salts along with $20,000 in cash at the home.

The arrest left some residents shocked but one neighbor, a mother of young children, said she still considers it to be safe. She said the arrest did not scare her and she is not concerned for her children’s safety even though guns were found.

Police are still searching for Runge.  He is described by police as a  5’ 9’’ white male, around 150 lbs., brown hair, and brown eyes. He is originally from Scituate and currently has 10 warrants for his arrest.

Police said he  is wanted for trafficking Oxycodone and cocaine, possession with intent to distribute bath salts,  possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, unlawful possession of ammunition, unlawful possession of a firearm, and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Oakdale Street is off Randolph Street, minutes from Columbian Square.

Alll neighbors cited in this piece asked not to be named.


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