Police Warn of Phone Scam

Local law enforcement agencies are investigating a series of scam phone calls originating from the Charleston area

Law enforcement agencies are warning Lowcountry residents about an ongoing phone scam.

The Charleston Police Department and the Charleston County Sheriff's Office issued statements about the calls Tuesday. 

Victims are told that the caller is with a family member that has had an accident, or that the caller is holding a family member hostage. The caller then instructs the victim to wire money.

"The caller often asks leading questions, which in turn is causing the victims to provide the names or locations of their family members," the CPD statement reads. "The scenario varies from call to call and occasionally includes threats to harm the family member or a statement about the caller’s brother being there with the brother being a 'fugitive' who is angry."

The callers tend to ask for $500 - $1,000, but have asked for greater sums from victims in some areas. The calls appear to be originating in the Charleston area, according to Charleston Police, however investigators are not sure how the victim's phone numbers are obtained.

Anyone receiving such a call should verify the safety of their family members and report the call to law enforcement.


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