Capuano Coming to Talk Flights Over Milton

Congressman will hear resident concerns about flight paths over Milton.

Congressman Mike Capuano. File photo.
Congressman Mike Capuano. File photo.
Congressman Mike Capuano and the Board of Selectmen want to hear from you about the proposed flight path changes at Logan.

Capuano will meet with residents Dec. 16 at the Milton Council on Aging, according to a statement by the Board of Selectmen. Capuano is no stranger to Milton's concerns about the flight paths over the town. He also sits on the Congressional Aviation Committee.

The proposed flight path changes are currently under review, but Milton residents and officials have been frustrated with the Federal Aviation Administration's handling of their comments and appeals. Earlier this year, the Board of Selectmen declined a chance to appeal a ruling on runway 33L, opting instead to fight the FAA on all flight paths over Milton.


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