Check Your Polling Location for Today's Election

Find out where to cast your vote in the state primary election.

Polls for the Massachusetts state primary will be open today from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Before heading out to vote, check your precinct here. The Milton precincts were updated in 2011.

Below are the polling locations by precinct.

Precinct 1: , 181 Blue Hills Parkway

Precinct 2: , 10 Walnut Street

Precinct 3: , 75 Edge Hill Road

Precinct 4: Milton Senior Center, 10 Walnut Street

Precinct 5: Copeland Field House-, 25 Gile Road

Precinct 6: 44 Edge Hill Road

Precinct 7: Cunningham Hall, 75 Edge Hill Road

Precinct 8: Cunningham School 44 Edge Hill Road

Precinct 9: Copeland Field House- Milton High School, 25 Gile Road

Precinct 10: Tucker School, 181 Blue Hills Parkway


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