Community Preservation Act: What Does Your Vote Mean?

Find out what a yes or no vote on Question 4 will mean.

On Nov. 6, Milton voters will have one local ballot question along the three state questions and state and federal elections.

Question 4 in Milton is regarding the Community Preservation Act.

According to the sample ballot, the purpose of the CPA is to “establish a dedicated funding source to enable cities and towns to acquire, create and preserve open space; to acquire, preserve, rehabilitate and restore historic resources; to acquire, create and preserve land for recreational use; to acquire, create, preserve and support community housing; to rehabilitate or restore open space, land for recreational use and community housing that is acquired or created as provided in the Act; and to set aside for later spending funds for specific purposes or general purposes that are consistent with community preservation.

Adoption of the CPA would mean “a surcharge on real property of one and one-half percent (1.5%) of the real estate tax levy against real property.”

A “yes” vote would accept the CPA and the surcharge.

A “no” vote would mean Milton would not accept the  CPA.

To hear from Milton residents opposed and in favor of the act, visit www.preservationwithouttaxation.org and www.preservemilton.org/.


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