Greenburgh: 6,350 Without Power Monday

The following is a post-Sandy update from Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner.

There are now 6,350 Con Ed customers out of power in Greenburgh—down from over 9,000 after the storm. Con Ed has assigned 8 crews to the town today and a muni crew. There may be additional crews in the area that are not reporting to the command center.The crews will be working near schools – trying to restore power to all schools  (they are also polling places.) People who live near schools will probably benefit from the power restoration.

Con Ed has assigned a liaison to the town – someone who works at our command center. The liaison resides in the town of Greenburgh. He is also without power and has been without power for the entire week. Con Ed has their own priority system. The town does not determine the order of the power restoration. The Con Ed liaison is also frustrated by the lack of power in his house.

WE NEED MORE CREWS. One of the major reasons why power is still out in many homes is because Con Ed gave Westchester communities only token help until this weekend. They had assigned most of their crews to NYC first. I have written to the NYS Public Service Commission asking them to investigate the restoration efforts. Can’t understand why Con Ed doesn’t hire retirees, licensed electricians who work for the state. Can’t understand why different crews can’t work around the clock. I’m as upset and as frustrated as everyone else –and aggravated because people, especially the elderly and disabled are suffering.

The library is open tonight till 9 PM in Greenburgh.

The Theodore Young Community Center is open 24 hours a day –as an overnight shelter. THANK YOU, CERT team for volunteering.

We have house angels offering to help out – and to provide housing in their homes. E mail me if you’re interested. pfeiner@greenburghny.com.

Paul Feiner

Don D November 05, 2012 at 05:43 PM
"One of the reasons why power is still out in many homes is because Con Ed gave Westchester only token help until this weekend". Precisely! We pay enough to deserve a utility that focuses on our needs as well. Time to find one that doesn't have a 'NYC-first' policy.
Lisa Gentes-Hunt November 05, 2012 at 05:48 PM
Agreed! Been w/out power for 7 days and can relate w/ all the frustrated folks!


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