Hampton Qualifies for Public Campaign Financing

Candidate secured $5,000 in donations and achieved 150 contributions.


Submitted release

Simsbury Deputy First Selectman John K. Hampton, candidate for State Representative, has announced that he has secured the $5,000 in donations and 150 contributors necessary to qualify for public financing through the Citizens Election Program and would be applying for funding imminently.

“I am thrilled to reach this milestone in just a few short weeks. The response to my announcement on May 2 has been overwhelming and I am so grateful to my many supporters,” Hampton said.

The Citizens Election Program is voluntary program which provides full public financing to qualified candidates for statewide offices and the General Assembly. To participate, candidates must agree to abide by certain guidelines, including contribution and expenditure limits and disclosure requirements.

This voluntary public campaign financing program was designed to encourage citizen participation and limit the role of private money in the State of Connecticut's political process.

“I am proud to participate in this program because it keeps our campaigns clean and free from the influence of special interests and lobbyists,” Mr. Hampton said.

Selectman Hampton is expected to receive his party’s nomination at the Democratic caucus on May 23.

According to Hampton 2012 Deputy Treasurer Joshua Storm, Hampton has received contributions from a diverse array of Simsbury citizens: “John’s donations have come from Democrats, Republicans & Unaffilalietd, young and old, from all across the 16th District. It is testament to the strength of his candidacy and his appeal to many constituencies. Mr. Hampton has a lot of support and has started his campaign efforts with a bang,” said Mr. Storm.

Hampton is the first to announce his eligibility for the funding. He can make a formal application once he receives the nomination.

Mary Emery May 21, 2012 at 09:00 PM
Hooray for John~! Vote Hampton for State Representative!!!
John K. Hampton May 21, 2012 at 09:53 PM
Thank you Simsbury...Our campaign is off to a great start!~
Robert Kalechman May 22, 2012 at 03:04 AM
Their you go again spending Tax payers money I the other candidate Robert H. Kalechman will spend under $100.00 Dollars of my own money big spender why can"you do the same


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