Input Period Extended for New FAA Flight Plan Over Milton

Residents now have until March 15 to weigh in on a revised departure route from Boston that would affect Canton, Milton and Randolph.

Sen. Brian Joyce (D-Milton) announced on Monday that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is allowing more time for the public to weigh in on a new flight plan that would affect residents in Canton, Milton and Randolph. 

The comment period has been extended by 30 days, according to Monday's announcement, and will allow residents to provide feedback on a revised departure route from Logan International Airport in Boston over the areas of Canton, Milton and Randolph. (The proposed changes to the departure routes can be viewed in a PDF file attached to this article; more information can be found at bostonrnavea.com.)

Citizens will now have until Friday, March 15 to provide feedback on the plan. Originally, the comment period was scheduled to end on Friday, Feb. 15, with proposed changes to take effect on March 7.  

The route, proposed by the FAA, would be for departing aircrafts from Runway 33.

Moreover, the FAA is conducting a six-month review following newly-implemented changes to the plan in order to ensure a minimized impact on affected communities, according to the announcement. 

"I'm happy that the FAA has recognized the need to extend the public input period," Joyce said in a statement Monday. "The towns located underneath the southbound departure route path are already heavily impacted by the airplane noise and pollution. Extending the comment period will allow better community participation in this decision that will have a significant environmental impact on each of the towns located below these flight paths."

Residents looking to weigh in on the plan can submit comments via email to Terry.English@faa.govor by sending a letter to:

Ms. Terry English
Project Manager, Boston Logan International
Airport Runway 33L RNAV SID Environmental Assessment
Federal Aviation Administration
11 Murphy Dr.
Nashua, NH 03062

miltres February 14, 2013 at 01:26 PM
I still don't see the issue for Milton. If anything, it looks like it reduces the overall amount of flights directly departing above the town an concentrates it on the Milton/Dedham/Canton line, rather than over the more populous side of town. Remember, these are planes taking off so they are at a much higher altitude than the ones landing on runways 4L or 4R, which are the loud planes flying over most of the town (mostly affecting East Milton) preparing to land. The biggest noise issues are those planes landing on 4L and 4R and that is not up for discussion.


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