UMass: Is it Affordable?

Tuition will be 4.9 percent higher next year and could keep rising unless the Legislature restores funding.


Depite all the talk across the country — from families around dinner tables to Occupiers to President Obama — of the need to make college more affordable, it just got a little tougher to go to the University of Massachusetts.

Last week the school's Board of Directors voted to raise tuition by 4.9 percent, raising the average tuition from $11,901 to $12,481. The hike is expected to generate $25 million.

But in passing the increase, the board turned the spotlight back on the State House by promising to hold off on any further increases if the Legislature restores its share of funding to 50 percent.

After the tuition hike, approved in Dartmouth June 6, the state's share of funding on the five campuses will drop lower than the 45 it paid this year, according to the Boston Globe

Governor Deval Patrick said he did not lobby against the increase, but the night before the Dartmouth vote, he sent the board a message saying he objected to the idea. Patrick said he hopes to raise more revenue to support state colleges and universities, but did not specify how he wants to do that.

So parents - can you afford paying for your college-aged kids? How about the UMass students paying their way - are you still able to pay for college?

Ellie Smith June 16, 2012 at 05:35 PM
If you add the cost of room and board to tuition and fees it adds up to around 22 thousand per year. Even on the vineyard a kid would be hard pressed to earn that much in a summer job. Maybe it is time to look at increasing tax revenues by perhaps taxing short term home rentals (like every other resort community I know of) and by taxing elite private sports and social clubs and taxing elite, private, heavily-endowed universities. There are a suggestions. I am certainly no economist but I know we can't afford to subsidize the rich if the cost is an even more ignorant general population.
Jeanne Zarrella June 16, 2012 at 08:31 PM
I agree with you Ellie! my younest son just switched over to Quincy College in order to save a bit after completing his freshman year at UMass/ Boston. The cost was already way above Bridgewater State University. Why is it other states can give their kids state educations at reasonable prices?


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