Meet School Committee Chair Glenn Pavlicek

Inside Town Hall, a weekly spotlight of Milton board and committee members, begins with School Committee chair Glenn Pavlicek.

The Milton School Committee oversees the operation of the public schools.

With six elected members, the committee is constantly working to better serve Milton Public School students. Guiding the School Committee towards making educational policy is chairman Glenn Pavlicek.

As Pavlicek indicates in the following Q&A, the two main goals of the School Committee are to hire the superintendent of schools – the current superintendent is Mary Gormley– and to draft the school budget.

In his Q&A, Pavlicek explains what sets Milton’s schools apart from the rest in the state.

How long have you been on the School Committee?

I was elected to the School Committee in 2003 and then again in 2007 and 2010.

Why did you seek election for the School Committee?

I ran for School Committee primarily for two reasons.  First, I am committed to public education and believe we need to do everything we can do to foster it, both for philosophical and economic arguments.  Philosophically, equal education for all is a keystone of a democracy.  Pragmatically, a quality public education system is what maintains the economic and social value of a town.

What is your greatest accomplishment with the committee so far?

I think we have made great strides in a producing an open and accessible budget process for the school system, where anyone can go online and see where we spend our tax dollars. By hiring superintendent Gormley, I think we have created an environment where people know they can contact the department with their concerns, be listened to and have those concerns addressed. Having an administration that has the confidence of the citizens is essential.

In your opinion, what makes the public schools of Milton unique?

There are lots of unique features to the Milton Public Schools – the most obvious being the French Immersion program, for which we have received national notice.  Our breadth of Advanced Placement courses that are open to all students, not just by recommendation, is another unusual feature.  Our art and music programs are spectacular as well and having a community service requirement, although toned down a bit by recent budget cuts, is very progressive.

What is the best part about being involved in Milton's school system?

The best part of the Milton School system is the people.  Whether you talk to the administrators, the faculty, the support staff, the students or the parents, they are a caring, engaged, devoted and encouraging group of people who are committed to this town.  When problems arise, these folks are always there to help solve them.  It gives you great faith in the system.

For more information about the School Committee budget or members, visit http://www.miltonps.org/committee.php 


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