Milton Attorney Robert Jubinville Seeks Governor's Council Seat

The long-time defense attorney is running for the open District 2 seat on the Governor's Council.

Milton resident Robert L. Jubinville, an attorney with 33 years of courtroom experience, is seeking the Democratic nomination for Governor’s Council as a representative of District 2.

The eight, elected Governor’s Councilors have the responsibility to screen, interview and confirm the judges and clerk magistrates that are nominated by the Governor.

District 2, which includes Milton, stretches from Boston to Natick and then south to West Bridgewater and Attleborough.

The 2012 election is the third Governor’s Council campaign for Jubinville, having run in 2008 and 2010. This time, though, there is no incumbent.

“It’s an open seat this time with the sad passing of our Governor’s Councilor, Kelly Timilty,” Jubinville said.

With over three decades of experience as an attorney in Massachusetts, Jubinville has appeared in every District Court in the Commonwealth, with over 7,500 appearances before judges and clerk magistrates.

“What better way to determine the qualifications and experience of a person than being in front of them as a lawyer?” Jubinville asked, adding a council of laypeople wouldn’t select a master electrician.

While Jubinville believes lawyers make the best members of the council, some opponents say active lawyers should not be able to select judges. He explained that with more than 700 courts in the Commonwealth it’s unlikely he would appear before a judge he was part of approving.

“It is the duty of a judge to make that known publicly in the court room,” Jubinville said, adding he would ask the judge to recuse himself from the case in that situation.

The experienced attorney, who began his career as a State Trooper and eventually a Massachusetts State Police Detective, contends that with criminal, civil, probate, land and various other courts, more and more citizens are likely to appear before a judge.

“Judges play a tremendous roll in our lives,” said Jubinville.

With more citizens appearing before more judges the importance of appointments being correct has never been higher.

While many, like Jubinville, see the Governor’s Council as a necessary check and balance on the Governor’s power, some contend the council should be abolished. Many other states do not use such a council, using existing bodies like the state congress to confirm judge appointments.

Jubinville said he believes rights like the elected Governor’s Council are too hard fought to give up.

“Once you’ve given up rights, you can’t get them back,” Jubinville said.

With years of experience and his 66th birthday coming next month, Jubinville says the Governor’s Council is not a political stepping stone for him.

“I have no interest in any other office, higher or lower,” said Jubinville. “This is the only one that interests me.”

Voters will go to the polls to elect a Democratic Party candidate for Governor’s Council, District 2, on Thursday, September 6, during the State Primary Election.

To learn more about Bob Jubinville, visit www.votejubinville.com.


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