Romney Picks Paul Ryan as Running Mate

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has made Wiconsin Representative Paul Ryan his vice presidential choice.

Mitt Romney has chosen Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. 

His campaign announced the pick Saturday morning, dubbing the two "America's Comeback Team."

The two made their first appearance on the USS Wisconsin, a retired World War II battleship, in Norfolk, Virginia Saturday morning.

Romney's campaign also released a biography of Ryan. Here are some of the facts:

  • Ryan is in his seventh term in Congress representing Wisconsin’s 1st District. 
  • He is Chairman of the House Budget Committee.
  • He also serves on the House Ways and Means Committee.
  • Ryan, 42, is married to Janna Little. They have three children and live in Janesville, Wisconsin.  
  • Prior to running for Congress, Ryan served as an aide to Republican Senators Robert Kasten Jr. and Sam Brownback, former U.S. Rep. and Vice Presidential Candidate Jack Kemp, and as a speechwriter for Education Secretary William Bennett.
  • Ryan is a graduate of Joseph A. Craig High School in Janesville and earned degrees in economics and political science from Miami University in Ohio. 

What do you think of Romney's choice of Paul Ryan for vice president? Let us know in the comment's section.

Patrick August 28, 2012 at 08:00 PM
*Liberals, *tough You're right, I'm sure as soon as Governor Romney frees American corporations from their terrible tax burden they will run right out and rehire everyone who lost their job. It's not as if these companies have redistributed the duties of the reduced workforce so as to get more work out of fewer people or anything. Yes, I'm sure the extra money will go straight to HR and not to silly things like executive bonuses or buying a new company jet. Also, all of you knock off this "Barry Obama", "Messiah Obama" garbage. You don't have to like him, but he's the President of the United States of America. Show some respect. I know, I know, "Liberals made fun of George Bush and called him names!". I'm aware of that. I'm also aware that, "But Jimmy started it!" is the argument a child makes.
Mel Cross August 28, 2012 at 08:53 PM
Class war fare............ Librals hate to see sucess and rewards for sucess. Everyone gets a trophy, equal pay for everyone regardless of abiltiy.......Romney has proven Sucess.... The current sitting president came with no credentials and will leave with no credentials. Its all about Jobs and the economy.......Something that has been a failure in the last 3 1/2 years. Why can we not call Him by his name? He went by Barry in HS........Is he running from the past?
Alex Carabelli August 28, 2012 at 09:15 PM
I just want to address a couple things here. First off, TARP was passed under George W. Bush, not Obama or liberals of any kind. Second, small business haven't had tax increases under Obama. Third, the idea that liberals hate success is just silly, and anyone who believes that sort of thing needs to reconsider where they're getting their information. Proposing to raise the taxes paid on income over $250K from 36% to 39% is hardly "punishing" anyone. Romney has been successful in business. He was also the son of a Governor, and CEO of a major car company. He was born with major advantages across the board. He did succeed in turning several million into several hundred million, but the work he did does not clearly translate to anything a President would do. Meanwhile Obama was born into poverty, worked hard, got into IVY league schools, became the editor of the Harvard Law Review (no easy task, and not handed to anyone). President of either party has very little direct effect on the economy. But if you want to judge by what's happened, millions of jobs have been created, while corporations hold billions in their reserves. Romney's economic plans & advisers are the same as Bush's. And if you believe a president can influence the economy, why would you think anything different would happen under Romney than did under Bush?
Mel Cross August 28, 2012 at 09:44 PM
TARP may have been passed under Bush but it failed by the administration of the current sitting president and ms. Warren. It is a complete fairy tale he came from poverty, he went to private school paid for by his grandmother who was a bank executive.......wonder why he hates banks? Why is there so much anger towards the current 1%? Success, and it's rewards....... last to be picked at kick ball getting back at kids that were successful............
Alex Carabelli August 28, 2012 at 10:16 PM
If you're arguing that TARP is bad law, you won't get any argument from me. It didn't fix any of the root problems, create a transparent derivatives market, set caps on leverage, end the relationship between banks and ratings agencies, etc. But these are things that progressives want, and conservatives seem not to want (I don't want to put words in your mouth). The main thing it did was prop up the banks so they wouldn't fail. Which it happened to do splendidly under Obama. I'm not sure how Warren fits into the mix here, she was on an oversight panel that put out reports, she wasn't implementing or designing the program. She saw and highlighted problems. She wasn't in a position to actually make the changes that needed to be made. And the "anger toward the 1%" is based on the fact that our country and our economy are in bad shape. And the vast majority of us are being hit the hardest already, and being asked to sacrifice more. While the richest among us, when asked to contribute a little more, which they can by and large readily afford to do, start claiming class warfare. There has been class warfare waged in this country over the past many years, and the 99% of us have been the victims, not the aggressors. And back to Obama, his mother was on food stamps and died largely because she couldn't afford health insurance. The prep school he went to was paid for by scholarship, not his grandparents. And I don't know what this "last picked at kickball" is, Obama can ball.


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