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Romney Wins Massachusetts, Milton

Mitt Romney took 72 percent of the vote in the Massachusetts Republical Presidential Primary on Tuesday. He earned 77 percent of the vote in the Town of Milton.

Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney won six of the 10 states that held Presidential Primaries on Tuesday, March 6. The former Governor of Massachusetts won the state, and the Town of Milton.

Romney earned 77 percent of the 2,088 votes cast in Milton for the Republican Party on Tuesday, according to the Town Clerk's Office. The Milton vote followed that of the rest of the Commonwealth as Romney won 72 percent of the statewide vote.

In Massachusetts, Rick Santorum earned 12 percent of the vote. Ron Paul earned 10 percent, followed by the 5 percent of votes for Newt Gingrich.

Paul finished second in Milton with 8.4 percent, followed by Santorum, at 8 percent. Gingrich registered 3 percent of the Milton vote.

Milton Republicans also elected one man and one woman for State Committee members for the Norfolk, Bristol and Plymouth District. Thomas W. Stanton and Mimi Sundstrum took the highest percentage of votes.

On the Democratic side, Michael C. Joyce and Marilyn D. Sullivan earned the State Committee nominations for the Norfolk, Bristol and Plymouth District.


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