Traffic Commission to Test New Traffic Pattern in East Milton Square

The Traffic Commission voted to test out the findings of the East Milton Square Parking and Access Study by closing the eastbound connection of Adams Street over the expressway for two weeks.

After much discussion and study, a plan to close Adams Street over I-93, convert the deck into parking and re-circulate all traffic in East Milton Square around the current park, was presented in the East Milton Square Parking and Access Study Final Report.

The Selectmen were given the report on and plan to discuss it on August 18.

The Traffic Commission, which is an advisory committee to the Selectmen, voted Wednesday to give a two-week trail of the proposed traffic pattern. Barring any issues with reprogramming the traffic lights, the eastbound connection of Adams Street will be closed off for two weeks in August to see if the proposal is feasible.

“My thought is we could barricade it; we could change the light pattern and see if it works,” Police Chief Richard Wells said.

Wells said he suggested a trial run to consultant Keri Pyke from Howard/Stein Hudson Associates and she liked the idea.

The so-called hybrid plan calls for traffic to rotate around the square. Wells said his major concern was the amount of vehicles turning past the at the corner of Granite Avenue and Adams Street.

The trial run will give the commission and the public a chance to see the proposal in action.

The commission agreed to wait for the construction on Bryant Avenue to end before running the test. The only determining factor on the actual date is when Department of Public Works Director Joseph Lynch can gather information about synchronizing the lights.

While the Traffic Commission cannot vote in permanent measures, they are authorized to make temporary changes like this detour.

The Traffic Commission also unanimously approved a motion to post a ”No Parking” sign on the south side of Boulevard Street from Grafton Avenue to Bryant Avenue. This measure will need approval from the Board of Selectmen before it goes into effect.


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