Cultural Enrichment Group Seeks Donations Through Excise Tax Bills

The Milton Partnership for Arts & Cultural Enrichment has begun a "check-off" campaign to gain donations to fund cultural events and programs for Milton Public School students.

M-PACE (Milton Partnership for Arts & Cultural Enrichment) and the Town of Milton Treasurer's Office are once again partnering for a "check-off" campaign to raise funds for artistic and cultural offerings for Milton Public School students.

Residents can donate to M-PACE by checking the box on their excise tax bill, which will be distributed in the next few weeks.

The program funds field trips like live Shakespeare performances, museums and Boston’s Symphony Hall. M-PACE also brings programs into the schools like “Historia Antiqua” -- a traveling museum of Greek and Roman artifacts; and an interactive geography game show for seventh-graders.

“Without the support of M-PACE, many students may not have the opportunity to be exposed to the cultural and artisitc opportunites that  M-PACE provides,” said board member Roxanne Musto. “Community supportfor M-PACE is essential in allowing students to have these wonderful opportunities.”

The board of M-PACE is composed of Treasurer Jim McAuliffe,Roxanne Musto, Meredith Hall and Charlotte Streat, along withSuperintendent Mary Gormley and Assistant Superintendent John Phelan.

Bob Norton February 21, 2013 at 06:22 PM
Another Tax!!! Screw that.....between federal, state and Milton property taxes, we are already being taxed to DEATH! Another example of liberal-progressives gone wild!


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