Hornets Fans on Mansfield in the Super Bowl

Mansfield reacts to the Hornets entering (and hopefully winning) the MIAA Super Bowl.

The Mansfield Hornets are going to the MIAA Super Bowl, and Mansfield residents couldn’t be happier.

“It’s a great program and they work hard for it,” said  Robert Murray. “Of course they’re going to win; we don’t lose.”

This year Mansfield ended with seven wins and four loses and are going to the bowl. Ironically, they ened last year 9-2 and didn’t make it to the semifinals because of Hockomock league regulations regarding the two divisions.

Many residents and fans believe that it was Mansfield head coach Michael Redding that really kicked Mansfield football into gear.

“He built this program from the ground up,” said Jack McGowan.

In his first full-time position in Mansfield, Redding won Mansfield’s first Super Bowl title in 1992 against Winthrop.

While Mansfield’s win against the Duxbury Dragons on Tuesday was somewhat of a surprise to some, since the Dragons were on a 37-game winning streak, still some other die-hard fans felt it was just common sense.

“They should’ve beat Duxbury, they’re in the other division, we’re in the Hockomock,” said George Pantos. “Next question.”

Pantos added that he has as little apprehension about the game against Reading on Saturday.

“They already [won] two years ago, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t again,” he said.


“They did stop Duxbury's 37 game winning streak Tuesday night in less than perfect weather conditions,” said Chris Paquin.  “Both teams are a good match up for the game this Saturday; both are very talented. I think the Hornets need to add another Super Bowl trophy to the collection.”


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