Nephew Returns as Principal at Glover School in Job Share

Stephanie Nephew and Drew Echelson will co-principal at Glover Elementary School for the rest of the school year.

Superintendent Mary C. Gormley announced this week that Stephanie Nephew will be returning to her position as principal of the Glover as part of an arranged job-share.

Nephew will serve as co-principal with Drew Echelson, who has been serving as principal since the beginning of the school year. The transition will take place on Monday, January 7th.

Nephew and Echelson will share the roles and responsibilities of the Glover principalship. The two have communicated regularly during the school year on issues regarding students, staff and curriculum related to the Glover.

The job share will allow Echelson an opportunity to work on his doctoral studies, while also allowing Nephew the chance to transition back into her former position.

Communication between the individuals in a job share position is the key to the success of the model. Nephew and Echelson will effectively communicate and the transition into the job share will be seamless.

The Glover community will benefit from the leadership of these two talented educational leaders.

The above release was provided by Moira Downes, Milton Public Schools.


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