Success! Real Estate Congratulates Milton on 350th Celebration

Tom O'Neill, Owner/Broker of Success! Real Estate, extends congratulations to everyone involved in Milton's 350th Anniversary Big Event Weekend.

All of us at wish to express our profound thanks to the sponsors and organizers of Milton's 350th Anniversary Celebration. It was an absolutely fabulous three-day triumph.

Your months and months of preparation were certainly evident throughout an incredible fun-filled weekend.

We are grateful that we were involved in a small way by providing a water station for the parade marchers. We all agreed that the parade itself was stunningwith a variety of floats, bands, dancers, etc. and it was such a pleasure for us to be able to interact with all of the participants.

The highlight of the afternoon, though, in everyone's opinion was the decorum, politeness, gratitude and overall excellent behavior of the children and the young people both in the parade and watching from the sidelines.

If we could have found the time we would have taken names and numbers to call and congratulate the parents for the outstanding way that their children conducted themselves. 

This was a proud day for Milton and we will feel the warm glow of this remarkable celebration for a long time to come.


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